Rolls® Smart-Filter used in rolls of herbal mixtures. 

Thanks to laser technology, internal filter and processing quality many harmful substances are prevented from passing through. Special “cooler” guarantees ideal temperature and promises an even better experience.

What does the Rolls-filter look like and what it used for?

It’s a prepackaged little long filter wich is divided into two parts. Hidden inside the long filter is a ‘classic’ filter wich is made of special materials. These materials have been evolved over many years with just one goal: to capture as many pollutions while letting the substances that are not harmful trough as much as possible.

Laser engraved tips

The second part, the ‘mouthpiece’ is uniquely designed with a special cooling system. This cooling system consists of several rows of laser engraved holes wich suck up fresh air in puffs and then pleasantly cools down the smoke.