F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a prepackaged little long filter wich is divided into two parts. Hidden inside the long filter is a ‘classic’ filter wich is made of special materials. These materials have been evolved over many years with just one goal: to capture as many pollutions while letting the substances that are not harmful trough as much as possible.


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Unique laser technology created “cooler” allows smoke to regulate in temperature, so you can enjoy your herbal mixture.

The holes in the top part create a vacuum around the perimeter of the filter and the mixture always has “great draught”.

When used correctly Rolls are able to eliminate most impurities, and can stop many more harmful substances passing through than normal filters.

Rolls are designed in an optimal size, they are easy to roll and easy to hold, wrap 1/2 of the filter inside the rolling paper and continue as usual.